Thursday, January 31, 2008

Outland - A greater guild

My clan is growing. From being a small and almost insignifigant group of friends, we have grown to a great keg of pure power, waiting to explode to take over the whole land of Azeroth. My leader is proud.

Since I am one of the old ones in the clan, I can do pretty much. I have invited many new members and being able to control their status. But I hope to become a champion of Gemini soon, I've been kissing my leaders... lips... so many times that I think there is a possibilty to get there.

One can only hope!

Beware of Gemini!


Friday, January 25, 2008

Nagrand - Why?

Is this life really is about? Killing, getting gold, getting new fancy stuff and then go and kill som more? Even though I had real fun with my friends, going to strange places, fighting evil and getting new interesting things that has been boosting my power to infinite, but still I still don't feel satisified about my life. What is missing, what do I need to make me fell like I do something important?

Being a priest is not easy since I am weak compared to a warrior or a paladin, my losses are greater than my wins... I still, after years of toiling and battling, fell weak and not important.

Maybe I should turn my horse around and become holy and leave the dark shadows already, although I don't feel ready?... Or maybe not... Weakness is not funny when you think about it! I need to become stronger somehow!

Good gods, I need to become stronger!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Nagrand - Dun Morogh has lost its charm all of a sudden

Nagrand is really beautiful. It has this unique and characteristics. I always found Outland pretty cold and steril, even though it is full of life, if you count beasts, demons and horde life. Zangarmasrsh had it's share of fun events, but it was dark and boring. The creatures there was just spore-things. A great bore if you ask me.

Nagrand however... My god, it is a wonderful place. I always thought that Dun Morogh would be the place I wanted to live in when I grow old, but I hope now that the city of Telaar would accept me as one of them, so I could get my own home there. One can always dream.

Hope to see you soon!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Outland - Greater strength

Outland. It is out there. Somewhere.

It is large, full of treasures and full of demons, monsters and other things that I can't describe. It is really weird. I get power beyond imagination now, I can easily survive some of the terrains that exists. But I do not feel any strong compared with my teammates. Linque, Jeangray and Whitestar are people that have power. You can't belive the strength they got. You all just wait and see. The power of Gemini!

I got new friends in my clan. A dwarf paladin named Thorin, a human paladin named Vazekiel, a draenei priest named Laily and a night elf druid named Lyrelia. Many of them not powerful epic heroes, but they are on a good way to become it. The strength of my clan is getting greater and greater. I belive, with all my heart, that we are going to be heroes. We are going to take outland of their feet.

Since I promised that someday I would become a Holy priest after I reached i certain level of strength. My clanleader Linque and I have sat down and gone through how my powers should be trained, thanks to a priest trainer of course. I will be a powerful healer, I promise that!