Friday, January 25, 2008

Nagrand - Why?

Is this life really is about? Killing, getting gold, getting new fancy stuff and then go and kill som more? Even though I had real fun with my friends, going to strange places, fighting evil and getting new interesting things that has been boosting my power to infinite, but still I still don't feel satisified about my life. What is missing, what do I need to make me fell like I do something important?

Being a priest is not easy since I am weak compared to a warrior or a paladin, my losses are greater than my wins... I still, after years of toiling and battling, fell weak and not important.

Maybe I should turn my horse around and become holy and leave the dark shadows already, although I don't feel ready?... Or maybe not... Weakness is not funny when you think about it! I need to become stronger somehow!

Good gods, I need to become stronger!

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