Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Menethil Harbour - Looking at a nice black stallion

Soon I will afford to buy a horse. I always wanted a nice beautiful horse. A nice black stallion and I do mean the horse here, okay? Hihihi. The rules are strange in these lands; you must be 40 years old in order to buy one. I don't really know why your age has to do with being able to ride a horse or not, I think that it is more of a question of personal growth. Of course, you can not sell a horse to a 10-year old.

A nice black stallion, I can't wait.

I hope you figured out that I'm 39 years old now! That is nice, actually. Abomin is really proud of me.He sends me herbs and money. I have been able to make a potion for warriors that increase their rage and temporary gaining god-like strength. Abomin likes it a alot. It takes a lot of herbs to make it, and the specific herbs are really expensive to buy in a auction house. In order to gind them naturally, I need to travel to places that are to dangerous for me, honestly!

Soon, I will have that stallion! (The Horse!)

Good Bye, see you in the eastern Kingdoms!


Stranglethorn Vale - An awakening

I took a walk today to calm my mind. When there is no horde around, stranglethorn vale can be really nice and calm. Of course, my luck isn't that good and I could see a troll priest riding on his darn raptor, heading towards me. Hi was to strong for me to handle so I ran away.

That bastard laughed at me so loud that it could have wakened the dead (not the undead). He "knew" that I was scared. But I wasn't scared, I merely ran for my life knowing he was to strong. That idiot will pay. I will show my strength, I wont let some merely thief’s like Otto and falconcrest scare me.

He will pay! I will become stronger!

Good Bye, see you, you damn troll priest, in outland!


Monday, July 30, 2007

Booty bay - the thought of quitting

After seeing those eyes, which I mentioned before, I got into a psychological dilemma. I saw those hate-infested eyes and I got stiff as a board. I could barely heal Abomins wounds during battle. Am I really cut out for this job? Am I really a good priest? Maybe I should quit, I'm not cut out for it.

Now my father would be proud. He would call me coward. He would tell me to take this experience and examine it, he would tell me that if I quit, my friends would still go on missions with other healers. Maybe they aren't good, maybe they screw up. Maybe if I where there I could have easily helped them. Without me, they may die.

May the gods bless my father’s soul, even after death, he still lectures me.

Good Bye, see you in booty bay


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Booty Bay - Horrible, horrible eyes!

Those eyes. Those horrible, horrible eyes. They where filled with hate, despair and a history of bloodshed. For the first time since my battle with Arugal, I have truly been frightened. Otto and Falconcrest are the most horrible people I've met, even more than Arugal. They are dead though, I ripped of their heads and handed them over to a woman in the refuge pointe in arathi. If they are still alive, they have a really good priest at their side!

Thank you Abomin for your help. I wouldn't have come far without you.

Al this happened today, only a matter of hours after my short break. After being so tired and weary, I've become more frightened and tired. I cannot believe the evil that exists out in the world. But I won't give up, I believe in a brighter future. But it will probably take time before it happens.

I've gone back to booty bay now. Arathi is now to boring for me. Not much to do and only a few easy monsters. The hordes are a few and stromgarde seems hopeless to gain back at the time, the same with arathi basin. I think I'll stay here in booty ba and hope to do some good here instead.

I haven't seen my other friends Linque, Jeangray or Whitestar recently. I think I have to write a letter to them asking what they are up to. I really do miss them.

Good Bye, See you in booty bay!


Friday, July 27, 2007

Menethil Harbour - Sleeping the days away

Finally, I could just walk away from the battlefield with my head held up high in pride. Nope, we haven't gotten arathi basin back, but I've done the alliance a great favour to be in that battle, healing and fighting. Because of the fact that I did heal and fight, I should get paid double. What is the double of nothing anyway?

If you do excuse me, I really need to rest; every part of my body is hurting so much of all that fighting. Not even a great healer like me can heal a body that has strained too much. Of course I promise to be back as quickly as possible, but it probably won’t be until a couple of days!

Good Bye, see you in my dreams!


Arathi Basin - An eternal battle

I am incredibly tired, believe me. I’ve been fighting so much; I’ve forgotten how it is to rest nowadays. The refuge pointe in arathi highlands isn’t just a temporary base before retaking stromgarde from the syndicate; it is also a resting place for those who are participating in the great battle in the arathi basin. It is a small, but very important, piece of land.

Even though it hurts my soul to confess this, the horde is strong. But so am I. I’ve killed so many, that I’ve lost count. The funny thing is, it is now that I realised the great lack of priests, or at least good priests. When raiding in arathi basin, out of about 30 people, I was the only priest. Thank the gods that there where paladins and druid, who are also healers, but we need more priests because they are natural born healers!

I wish that I could participate longer, but I have so much to do in both booty bay and in arathi highlands.

Also, I think I will take the weekend of now. I’m tired after all that fighting. I must sleep. Sleeping is the best treatment of healing there is. It feels like I haven’t been sleeping for ages.

Good Bye, see you in the Eastern kingdoms!


Booty Bay - A break from Arathi

I really do need Abomins help in order to get the heads of Otto and Falconcrest, but since he is away on another mission in Un'goro crater, all I can do is travel away in order to find something to do. I went to the auction house in the great dwarfen city of ironforge. That is where I finally found a herb I was looking for, Arthas' tears, named after the corrupted ex-prince of the eastern kingdoms who now claims to be king. I don’t really know what has happened to him; al I heard is that he had taken a boat to norhtrend, a very cold place to the north, where it is forbidden to visit for now. I honestly do wonder where he is now, but I hope never to see him in person. He is the one responsible for the great slaughter in stratholme that happened many years ago.

After getting the herb, I could finally make an elixir that makes me able to easily detect undead. That will give me a great advantage when facing them, since I know they are coming. I haven’t really been using it yet, so I can’t really tell if it is a good elixir or not.

I went to booty bay afterwards in order to finally finish a promise I made to a cute girl named Catelyn. I needed to go north in stranglethorn and use her blade in order to summon a person and kill him (Things are sure odd here in Azeroth). I thought it would be a man Catelyn once loved, but it turned out to be a goblin. He wasn’t really strong, but since it all happened under seawater, it was hard to hold my breath for a long time.

Afterwards I got myself a new robe as gratitude for my deeds. I don’t really know if I should use it or not. It has great, and stronger enchantments, but not as many as my old Robe of Arugal. I think I’ll speak to my friends for their advice.

Good Bye, see you in Arathi Higlands


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Arathi Higlands - A birthday in a slaughter

It is without doubt, the hardest thing in the world to do alone, but when you got a huge draenei tank at your side, it would be easier. Of course, I am talking about my dear friend Abomin, the draenei warrior. For being a warrior, a class that is easily called brutes, he is very clever and smart. In my quest to gain syndicate medallions in the derelict fortress of stromgarde, he simply ran in, killed everyone in sight, with only little of my help. Being a priest, I can heal easily, even at a distance. Even though he had up to 5-6 different syndicates on him, all he did was waving that gigantic pole arm around and they almost fell like flies. He is indeed strong.

During our little adventure in strom
garde fortress, we managed to meet two men that I could have sworn I saw before. I just couldn't place them exactly where. Abomin attacked them, since they where in a fighting mood. I can't really remember that he killed them, but he came back to me and gave me the last medallions that I needed. I wouldn't come far at all without his help, so I simply smiled and hugged him, but we weren't out of the woods yet. As we ran out of the main building of the fortress, wouldn't you believe that there where members of the horde outside, strong ones indeed. Abomin realised that I was in danger and attacked them. But I wasn't going to show him that I was a weak and fragile little girl, so I attacked what I think was a tauren druid. In his cat-like form he did give me some bruises and wounds, but after putting a curse upon him I simply blasted his mind to tiny little bits. He died, I cheered. Abomin saw it, while fighting the blood elf warlock. He was proud.

After we got back to the refuge pointe in arathi, that was when I realised that I knew who those two men we met before where. It was Otto and Falconcrest, two wanted criminals. They’re worth a lot of money in bounty, but we must bring their heads in order to collect it. Abomin tells me that they probably are alive, so we might have a shot getting it. I’m looking forward to it!

It was a real fun birthday indeed. Yes, you didn't read wrong, I'm 38 now. Time flies when you have fun. My wisdom has increased since I have managed to make the hardest techniques I have easier. It takes a strong will and iron-hard concentration in order to make these things. I think I am closer on the path to greater strength.

The lost fortress of stromgarde in arathi highlands

I still need to stay in Arathi, though I have to sell some things. The auction houses in Ironforge and Stormwind are wonderful places. Sometimes, you can fin so many things that you simply just can't afford it. I hope I make some money out of it.

Good Bye, see you in Arathi Highalnds


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Arathi Higlands - Can you kill that which is already dead?

One beautiful day I will kill them. I will grow strong and I will be able to tear them apart with my bare hands. Damn undead. I still can't believe that they once where humans. Now they simply are decayed corpses wandering around, thinking they know best, just because they've died once. Bastards.

In arathi highlands, I managed finally to swipe some troll medicine pouches from some witherbark medicine men. Odd trolls they are.

After getting the promised 75 silver from the man, a dwarf wanted me to help get a wand from an ogre. That mission was, without doubt, the weirdest one yet. I do honestly think there will be weirder ones ahead. But I can't leave the refugee pointe, because there are simply two undead, one warrior and one warlock, who are too strong for me. If I head out, they would easily kill me. I don't want to die yet, so the only thing I can do is to abuse the hospitality that this refugees have and wait until the undead leaves. Good food and drinks indeed, but I'm getting kind of restless now.

Still, I think I've gotten into a brainteaser of philosophical nature today. The undead are... Dead... They did die once, can they die again? Also, resurrection is a holy action, and if a priest did resurrect an undead, wouldn't be the same as killing them since they are dead, and undead, and not alive? Well, maybe definition of "dead" is needed. A stinking corpse with worms crawling on their skin... That pretty much spells "death" to me. The undead are, after thoughtful thinking, very odd.

I think I'll wait for an hour or so.

Good Bye, see you in arathi highlands.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Arathi Highlands - Never a dull moment!

It might seem that I travel frequently around the globe. The reason isn't really complex; I really am travelling around the globe. Mostly in hope of finding a good place to find herbs, but it always ends up with people asking me for help. As a priestess, I have a hard time saying no to people in dire need, but sometimes, I really wish to have some moments in order to just walk around and see what wonderful creatures or herbs there are.

In the northern part of the eastern kingdoms, there is a huge valley, called Arathi highlands. There aren't really beautiful creatures there, raptors and gigantic spiders, but the nature itself is really impressive and inspirational. If it wasn't for all the monsters and people in need, I could have easily lived here when I think of retirement. But for now, I’ll settle with staying here for a while only.

A man in the refuge point in arathi (a place that exists since stromgrade is somewhat unliveable), asked me to find a few things from the whiterbark trolls, a whole settlement of trolls living in the southeast of arathi. They seem different from the "normal" trolls that I've encountered in my days. I think that they simply have no connection to the trolls in the durotar peninsula anymore (where they have their refuge in orgrimmar). I still haven't collected everything that I need to, but I'm tired and I need to sleep.

In short, tomorrow, I will tell the rest ofthe story of my "great mission". The man promised me 75 silver, if I finished this. Not much, but it's still money!

Good Bye, see you in the arathi highlands!


Monday, July 23, 2007

Feathermoon Stronghold - Flying from the sunset of darkshore

It is very peculiar that these pictures just fall into my hands. I don't know who, or possibly what, takes these.

But still, as long as it isn't any "odd moments" on there, I don't really mind.

Another peculiar thing is that many claim darkshore, far south of Darnassus to be very dark and depressing. But I find it very, I don't know, amazing from time to time. This picture of me, flying in the sunset on a hippogryph, is truly wonderful.

Some news in my path to greater wisdom; after getting a very powerful staff from my dear friend Abomin the dranei warrior, I sold in the auction house in darnassus, gaining over 20 gold. that is something amazing in my private economy since I usually walk around with only 40-50 silver in my purse. Since my clothes are just fine for the moment, and I couldn't find a new and improved mace for myself, I decided to spend it on herbs in the auction house. I was like a kid in a toy store. I got really happy after buying a weed called blindweed. That is a weed found in places roamed buy gigantic, strong monster. I probably wouldn't last very long there. So I bought it in the auction house, which is a lot safer. Also I bought khadgar's whiskers, grown mainly in Stranglethorn Vale. I can easily pick some up myself, but why not be a little lazy today? And also I couldn't resist also buying some sungrass.

After making an intelligence potion, I made some healing potions. Even though the first potion made me incredibly smarter, I still couldn't get an answer on the greatest question of them all; "What came first? The dragon whelp or the egg?” Maybe it is an philosophical question? Maybe if you personally say the dragon whelp, you are an positive man or woman, and if you say the egg, you are a pessimistic person. But, who laid the egg in the first place? Then it has to be the whelp, because someone had to lay the egg in the first place. But it is just a whelp, it can't be mature enough to lay eggs yet...

Enough philosophy for today.

After visiting the master alchemist in Feathermoon Stronghold I learned a new potion meant for warriors to gain god-like strength for a short amount of time. Abomin would be pleased.

See you in Feathermoon Stronghold

Good Bye


Ratchet - Horde are so fun to play with!

I think I have one troll and two orcs that really hates me beyond measurement. Let me start to tell a little story about controlling an orcs mind and sending psychological terror towards enemies.

I have killed many horde bastards in my life. Many people honour me for my achievements in the field of killing the enemy, but I still have a long way to go before being recognised with high rankings. Still, I prefer to embarrass or simply make them angry instead of just killing them.

I was on my way towards a place in Kalimdor called Desolace by the local folk there. There isn't really a reason to tell why because it really is a desolate place, inhabited by mighty Kodos and odd scorpions.

Still, I had to take the boat from booty bay (may the gods shine upon that beautiful place) towards the other goblin city of ratchet. On that boat, there was an orc warrior, you could clearly see it on his incredibly heavy armor and its gigantic red axe. I wanted to play a trick on that vile orc, and when the boat started to sail of, I played a mind trick on him, being able to control his every movement. I laughed my head off when "I" simply jumped of the boat and started to take a swim. The boat went away, with my body onboard, and the orc was swimming back to shore in order to wait for the next one. In ratchet, I ran to the gryphon master and flew towards desolace.

After I did a mission there involving killing some vile undead in order to gain respect, and some money, from the scarlet crusaders, I had to go back to booty bay to meet my friend Abomin. Please, guess who stood at the harbour, only a couple of meters away from the boat to booty bay. Yes, it was "my friend", the orc warrior, and he was looking for revenge. He had his buddies with him, another orc warrior, and a troll. I think he was a shaman.

Using my very high intelligence, I realised that I couldn't last long in a battle. And even though I was in Ratchet, and there is a neutrality policy there, they could attack me on the boat for the sake of revenge, tossing me of the boat with brute force. I also realised soon that the boat was going to set sail very soon.

I started to think of the training I went through with many of my priest trainers. I remembered a special technique, that could make them temporary afraid of me. It's a special mind screeching sound that makes enemy run away in fear. Undead is the only ones that don't really fall for that trick easily, so I'm thankful there was no undead there at the moment. I wanted to make my friend Whitestar proud of me, the powerful Night Elf priestess of the guild immortal. I started to run towards my enemies. They started to stand in fighting position, getting their axes and clubs. I did the technique, they started all to run, I jumped on the boat, it started to set sail, thee technique started to fade of but it was too late. I was surprised of one thing. Because of the neutrality, the Ratchet goblins should've attacked me, but they didn't. That's strange. But after all that, I sat down and drank some moonberry juice to calm my nerves.

I told Abomin. He laughed out loud.

See you in the eastern kingdoms.

Good Bye

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Booty Bay - I hate it, I love it

How I love Booty Bay. How I hate Booty Bay.

I love to hate it and I hate to love it. This odd mixture of almost extraordinary proportions really do have it's reasons. For once, it’s a beautiful place with many different shops and good places to fish. But also, it's a port towards Kalimdor, the dreaded homeland of the Horde. Here you can see not just Alliance, but Horde as well. This sometimes bites. Now that I established a friendly connection with most of the population with Booty Bay, I feel at ease. But still, I have this feeling crawling on my neck never to let my guard down.

Abomin, my dear friend Abomin the Draenei warrior. I thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You helped me kill a giant, you helped me kill extremely ugly monsters and you helped kill a "pretty boy" named Duncan (who, in my eyes, could be much prettier). You did this in order to help me become stronger. I appreciate that. I promise I'll train in combat and in alchemy, to make you great battle elixirs!

By the way, please congratulate me; I've turned 37 years old now. My gods, the time keep going fast forward. I actually never thought that becoming older means becoming more agile and strong, but that's what happened to me. This is a strange world we live in.

Good Bye, see you in Kalimdor!


Darnassus - Even a priestess likes to fool around

I like to have a great big laugh once in a while. Since being chaste, I can have no sex at all. Being a priest might be a little frustrating from time to time. It doesn't mean though that I can't seduce people or just play a little with them. Men are real suckers sometimes. You simply put a spell on them and they just seem to want to be with you. Poor little Sasassin, (Peculiar name for a Night Elf, isn't it?) I simply raised his personal stamina so he could last longer in battle. (I do that to people, you know) And all of a sudden, he followed me around and challenged me, telling me to wait, asking about me.

Like a woman should, I let him chase me.

He sooner gave up.

I don't really understand the real beauty of Darnassus. Sure, the moonlight can sometimes sparkle on the water, making me awed, and Tyrande Wisperwind is one of the most beautiful Night Elves I know. But still. Many people, Humans, Dwarfs, Gnomes, Night Elves and Draenei, seem to all be magnetised to that city. Personally, I prefer the mighty dwarfen city of Ironforge. Every time I walk through that gigantic door with the colossal statue, it amazes me.

I think I should start taking up cooking lessons. A woman's got to eat, you know, and buying food can be expensive. Sure, I am a priestess and I can easily use spells in order to make me full, and not hungry, but I love food. I tried once Beerboasted boar ribs, it was a taste beyond words! But still, lazy as I am, I think I'll concentrate on my alchemy. Who knows, maybe I can invent liquid bread that also actually tastes like real bread. But that's a dream for the future, perhaps.

Good Bye, see you somewhere beautiful!


Badlands - A picture says more than a thousand spells

I'm temporary visiting a place called The Badlands. There is a reason it is called so. It's a desert, hosting few good herbs, flowers and an incredibly few puddles of water. The only so called creatures that exists are wolfs, buzzards (who must be starving since they are always attacking me in order to have a feast upon my flesh like vultures, yuck!) and very odd panthers that I sometime have trouble seeing.

There are some humanoid creatures around, some dwarf miners. But it seems they've been corrupted of some kind, because as soon as they spot me, they attack me even though the humans and dwarfs are part of a great alliance. They weren't that hard to beat, but it broke my heart still to smash my mace upon their heads. I have the greatest respect for the proud race of the dwarfs.

In the Badlands, I managed to get a photograph of myself. Don't ask me how; it just fell into my hands. I hope you don't think that I lied when I told you that I am beautiful! Notice my robe. It is the robe of Arugal that I told of. Feels weird to wear a robe that was once owned by a man I had no respect for what so ever, but it is better that I use it, then a dead man. All though, I heard rumours that he is still alive. My gods, I hope their false. It might be odd to hear a priest saying that she hopes the death of a man, but Arugal isn’t a man, he’s a monster!

See you somewhere in Azeroth.

Good Bye


Alchemy - A dangerous passion

In order to become great and strong for the Alliance you sometimes need to "cheat". It isn't really cheating, but it makes you better, at least for a while. Alchemy isn't just a hobby of mine; it's my passion, my job. I can make allot of money with it and I can become wiser, stronger, more agile and I can be able to detect undead creatures with it. I can make warriors burst into pure rage, I can make mages fire spells become more powerful and I can become temporary swift as the wind.

I am, what many call, an artisan alchemist but I still need allot of training. I think it is really weird that it cost so much gold in order to become strong when the alliances' different leaders and kings almost demands you to become stronger in order to defeat the savage horde. But still, I won't give up. I know of many herbs and spices that I can use. Luckily, I am really good at herbalism, more then an expert.

Needles to say, alchemy can become the most important of all professions out here in Azeroth, but if it fell into the wrong hands, it can easily shatter foundations of different kingdoms.

Doesn't that make you exited about it? It gives me

Good bye, see you in Badlands!


Beginning later, short life full of achievements

Hello all my new friends.

It is comical since I am pretty experienced in battle, in my priestly ways and in life general, but haven't started to write about my adventures until now. I am at the age of 36, soon 37, and still going on strong. The funny thing is that when you get older, you become stronger and wiser, not weak and senile.

I was born Northshire, a small land north of Goldshire outside of the great city of Stormwind. Without being narcissistic, I am a beautiful woman. Many men followed me and tried to make me theirs. That is why many men pulled their hairs in great agony, when I told them that I'm becoming a priestess and becoming chaste. It isn't really the chastity that lured me to the priesthood. I always considered myself as being a healer or spiritual guide amongst my fellow men, elves, dwarfs, gnomes and draenei. Plus, there's a shortage of priests around the world so it means that I really won’t become unemployed any time soon.

To make my first 36 year-story short, I can tell you my 3 greatest achievements so far.

3) Defeating Arugal. A horrible old man I don't like. After I killed him, with the help of my friends, I managed to swipe his robe, and I'm still wearing it. By some strange reason, I feel wiser and stronger wearing it.

2) Survived the Scarlet Monastery. The Scarlet Crusaders loved me after this. After killing many people of horrific personalities (Herod amongst them), I became wiser, more agile and I got my beautiful wand there. Of course, I got help from my friends.

1) Meeting my friends. Oh my gods, how I love my friends. Linque, the draenei paladin, Jeangray the human mage, Whitestar the powerful Night Elf priest (my role model) and, never to forget, Abomin the dranei warrior.

Abomin is my best friend in Azeroth. He has given me many things that would help with my adventures. Weapons, clothing and ingredients for alchemy. Thank you Abomin, for being my friend.

In short, I have alot of adventures ahead. I'll promise to write as often as possible.

I'll see you, and hope you'll read about me many times!

Good-bye and watch out for Murlocs!