Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stratholme - Sadness in my heart!

Have you ever heard of the city of Stratholme? It was once a prosperous city of the humans inte the north of the eastern kingdoms. It was actually the main city of the humans before the great plague that happened many years ago. Prince Arthas killed hundreds and hundreds of people in order to "save their souls from damnation of the scourge". I simply see it as a slaughter with nothing to compare it with. The undead bastards still took over the city and managed to manipulate the people in it. The town is under the cluthes of the dreadlord Balnazzar. Even though my historybooks says that he was killed by The forsakens Sylvanas Windrunner and "her pet" the dreadlord Varimathras, he was still alive when I met him. Yes, I met him during an epic struggle with my friends. Running through the whole time, belive it or not I died many times. Thanks to my idol, the night elf priest Whitestar, I was revived.

Although, seeing all the spirits of the poor women and children of Stratholme wondering around without a goal, forever being in that light forsaken place, it broke my heart!

We killed Balnazzar. what a hoy, we danced a long, long time after that.

We dance at the corpse of the dreadlord Balnazzar!

I thank my friends, I can't make it without them!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Feralas - Boooooooring

Discovered a place called Felwood north of Ashenvale today. Gmet some taruens there, but nice ones. The good kind that still has an alliance, or at least a neutral bond to us. Nice people, the good taurens are really nice and wise. The bad kind are stupid.

Otherwise I am bored! When are my friends going to take me on some fun?

Can't stop waiting!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Warsong Gulch - Fighting with flags

I don't really know why a flag is so important for us, but in the battlefield of Warsong Gulch, your mission is to simply capture the hordes flag and bring it back. Three times. Isn't that odd?

Many times I have proven myself that I can be good in the battlefield, but sometimes I grow tired of it. Trolls, Orcs, Taruens, Undead and Blood Elves, why are we fighting them? The undead I can understand since they are pure evil, but what happened to the alliance between the humans and the orcs? The tauren and trolls was also part of the alliance and blood elves was a part of the alliance until the damned Arthas destroyed their sunwell, making them have an endless thirst for magic.

Why can't we all just get along?

Naaaah! Let's just kill the bastards!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Razorfen Downs - A fun day of death

It was a long time ago since I had such a fun time with the guild Gemini. One of the members seem to have a vacation a couple of months, so this was the first time I met him, the dwarf warrior Ebonheart. I love the dwarfs, they are small, but they are as strong, or perhaps stronger, then humans. Warriors of that race is the warriors I respect most (with Abomin, the draenei warrior as an exception). Linque followed us to Razorfen Downs in the barrens to kill a lich. I don't remember his name. Before we departed we took a picture before leaving on the boat from booty bay... and we are... dancing... Don' ask me why..

Ebonhearts little kick-dance is sure... Odd...

After we left from booty bay, we all rode on our horses (Ebonheart on his white ram, a beautiful creature indeed) from Ratchet to Razorfen Downs. We got into a fight with some low-level scum for horde. We won the fight, easily, the blood elf priest was somewhat of eyesore i have to say. After we slaughter his friends, a blood elf paladin came towards us and applauded and cheered. What an idiot.

The first so called mobs and area bosses weren't that hard at all. Even a priest like me could kill them. The lich in the end of the tunnel was a little tricky since he could easily summon his little minions again and again. Linque sure is a strong paladin. While Ebonheart and me tried our best... She was better... Ebonheart, bless his soul, was a real tank, but Linque did most of the killing.

Of this whole ourney, I got a new ring, a new belt and, belive it or not, a new nice robe! I haven't looked nicer sine the acursed robe of Arugal. After the killing of the lich, we took a new picture next too the ice-fire in Razorfen Downs. There I will show you my new outfit!

Nice, huh? (I know it it is easy to tell who is who, but I still wanted to add their names for safety sake!)

Now, I need to rest. I haven't slept all day!

Sleep tight!

Good Bye! See you in Blasted Lands!


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Azshara - My frend is almost epic

My best friend has become an epic. His is stronger than most, he is wiser than a priest at my level and he as more experience in life than most other. Abomin, I am proud of you! I won't disappoint you, I promise I will become that as well. You're success has made me more happy, and more eager to become stronger. I will fight at your side soon, that is a promise! I won't let you down.

My best friend, the epic!

See you in Azshara


Saturday, September 1, 2007

Uldaman - Fighing (possibly) gay dwarfs!

This is actually the first time it has happened. I went in to the great mines of Uldaman with a group consisting of me, the paladin I told you of (the hunk), another human paladin, a draenei hunter and a night elf druid. We fought like hell against the gay dwarfs (I said it, they are probably gay, they probably sodomizing each other on nights because there are no freaking women there. Nothing wrong with homosexuals, but a gigantic mine, hundreds of dwarfs and other male creatures, and no females at all... Am I the only one suspicious?). But at the same time, we only seemed to fight each other in the group as well. Something tragic happened, the hunter died. I couldn't by some accursed reason revive him with my holy powers. We couldn't find his body. His spirit told us that he was in Tanaris, in Kalimdor. Not in Badlands of the eastern kingdoms.

We where surprised.

Only after that, we fought each other as well, finally a strong night elf hunter came and helped us. He was indeed strong. Fighting the colossus in the end of Uldaman was easy to him, that is a sign of him being strong.

I think I'll only fight with my friends... But I still like meeting new people... This is going to be difficult!

Good Bye, see you in Searing Gorge!