Friday, August 31, 2007

Arathi Basin - A quick message to you

Blast this chastity! A new man is in the guild. A man of the light, a paladin. He is so gorgeous... Even If I wasn't chaste, it wouldn't work because he is a paladin, they are also chaste. What a hunk, though...

Fighting in Zul'Farrak, killing pirates in Tanaris and becoming stronger. That is what I have achieved so far this week. It was actually in the sand temples of Zul'Farrak that I met the paladin. Many trolls there where... Occult idiots.

I got many missions from a village that almost exists only for fishing in Tanaris. Pirates roamed the lands, and they've been stealing many things from them. Of course, I had to do something. They did offer me many nice things. Damn, it was fun. And hard. Incredibly hard. I had to retaliate many times in order to survive. But I managed to live long and fight until finished. The pirates was consisting of almost every race in the world, dwarfs, goblins, humans etc... They were odd...

I returned to arathi basin in order to fight now that I am stronger. I can easily say that everyone else is also stronger. Especially the horde. Sad to say. But it was there I realised that I am stronger. Warriors are often the ones I have trouble with. I beat many of them. I just followed my own instincts... They fell like flies... But we didn't win. That is so sad! I need to become even stronger!

Good bye, see you in Searing Gorge


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Swamp of Sorrows - A temple that excites me

am I a too nice of a person? I've spent many months now in the swamp. No, not in wetlands, but in the swamp of sorrows. The missions I get by th locals are to easy, but I still do them. I don't know why, but every time I see these odd creatures here in the swamp, at least the nice ones who look like dreanei's, I simply can't stop helping them.

Al though, I do think that it is worth something. There is a temple there in the middle of the swamp. Just seeing it makes my skin start to crawl on its own. The dark spiritual energy is wast. I think, when the time comes, I will gather some friends to investigate it. I've heard by the people in the swamp that what you see is just a fraction of that temple, the rest is underground, so it is called by the locals "The Sunken Temple". I feel excited somehow still.

First, I need to gather more information, and grow a little wiser.

Good Bye, see you in the swamp of sorrows.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tanaris - Shadows are truly hanging over me. A request for forgivness!

I have been a bad friend. I have done something somewhat terrible in my books.

I promised my friends, Whitestar, Linque and Jeangray that we would travel to the great temples of Zul'Farak again. But I forgot. I went away to the great dwarfen city of Ironforge to relax a bit. Being a hard working shadow priestess really makes you tired.

But that is not an excuse.

I beg of your forgiveness, my friends. Can you forgive me? I promise, at least, it will never happen again. I wish that the technocratic gnomes would invent something small, and portable so you could have instant contact with your friends. Writing letters sure takes a long time.

Good bye, see you in Tanaris!


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tanaris - Wandering is a waste

I've spent my days now in the land of Tanaris in southern Kalimdor. believe me, the threat of horde is nigh, they are everywhere. Strong as well as weak, they are there.

The goblins of gadgetzan are very interesting. They seem more technological than the ones i booty bay and ratchet. Almost at a par of the gnomes. I see mechanical shields and mechanics and engineering teachers everywhere. It is heaven for gnomes.

Still, nothing is perfect. There are many corrupted humans around. Rogues, warlocks, assassins and bandits. They are called wastewanderers. They just seem to wandering around, doing nothing. They steal pouches of water from time o time, but nothing more. Are they really thief's?

Still, the goblins seem to hate them, so I manage to kill them. Many of them at least since they seem to.. Re spawn somehow... What matter of dark magic is that?

Well, my missions is still not done. Need to get going!

Good Bye, see you in Tanaris!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Zul'Farrak - A reunion and a new union

Just a couple of days ago (sorry for not writing earlier) a met a new ember of my clan Gemini. He is a night elf, a real strong night elf warrior called Deathleaf. He is impressive, although a little hotheaded from time to time. He claims to come from "another realm". I don't know what he means by that, but for now I try to ignore it.

Linque and Jeangray seemed thrilled to meet me after my pestilence of a cold. So they met me and we had a brief reunion. They wanted me to follow with them to a place in Kalimdor called Zul'Farrak. It is a place in Tanaris in the south of Kalimdor. Since I was in bed for a week, my healing abilities seemed somewhat rusty. But still, Deathleaf followed, he was out for blood. I can understand the hate towards trolls, but he really showed no mercy. And from time to time, I had trouble keeping up since he went almost constantly from troll to troll, still he didn't care about his health so healing him was a blast. Henche why I call him hotheaded, since when he is in a rage, he doesn't care about thinking at all. But I still like him, he makes me laugh.

Jeangray claims to be a good enchanter. I believe her. Enchantment is something I 'll never understand. How can your boots make you stronger or more agile or faster or more resistant to heat? Still, that is what Jeangray can do. She is impressive. She enchanted my boots and claimed that I would stand longer in battle now. That is good since my clan needs a healer and the healer can't heal when she is dead. That would be unrealistic, wouldn't it?

Good Bye, see you in Tanaris!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Feathermoon stronghold - A cold in the cold

My sincere apologies again for not being able to write for a long, long time. You see, I'm sick. This rainy weather, and the fact that I don't have any clothes with long sleeves, is a easy way to get a cold. Runny nose and the whole package, it is not fun at all. The funny thing is, even if I can make potions that can increase ones intelligence and strength as well as speed and agility, I can't make a potion that can cure my cold. Not even the great alchemists here in Feathermoon knows how to, since night elves never get colds... Lucky bastards...

I still need to get cured, so I won't write much about adventures, more about my temporarily every day life here in beautiful feathermoon.

Good bye, see you in feathermoon!


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Feathermoon stronghold - A horse and a new outfit

My sincere apologies for my absent in writing to you all. You have no idea the amount of hard work I have done. It has gone 2 years; I'm now 41 years old. I can't believe it. Still I don't think of me as old, I think of me as stronger and better.

I am sporting a new outfit now. My old robe I got from Arugal is now gone for good. I sold it and asked the vendor to burn it. I don't think he did, I think he sent to an enchanter do disenchant it. That works for me as well. I got this new dress from a wonderful little goblin in booty bay for helping him to kill a traitor amongst the goblins. It was very hard since it was under water. Notice my tabard. It has the "gemini" mark on it. It is lovely to be part of a clan.

Please, notice my new mace. I actually got it from my fights in the scarlet monastery, but some odd reason I couldn't use it until now. It is a beautiful weapon. I fell stronger and happier when having it. When holding it, and my little stave in my other hand, I do look more like a priest.

I finally got my horse, the wonderful black stallion. When I rid
e it, I feel free, I feel like I'm one
with nature. I feel like I'm swift as the wind, without drinking a potion! It is so wonderful! I actually got it from one of my new friends, the draenei mage Leiloo. She said she knew Whitestar, and she had talked to her. she gave me gold so I could afford riding instructions as well as the horse. What a wonderful person. I will remember her for that!

Now it is easier and more fun to get to places. It isn't really something to go bragging about since many other people have mounts to. But it is something that I have noticed; the night elves has their own kind of mounts; tigers. They are beautiful, but I am tired of them. Everybody has one; Humans, dwarfs, gnomes, draenei and, not to forget, the night elves. It is incredibly boring to see tigers everywhere. I only see a few horses, rams, elekks or, my personal favourite, the gnomes mechanostriders. My gods, I love those striders. They are a work of engineering arts. The sad thing is that they are to small so only gnomes and dwarfs can ride them. That's a shame.

And now, I will continue my work on the path of greater wisdom and power.

I promise to rite again soon.

Good bye, see you in the hinterlands.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Badlands - A class below all classes!

Even though it exist humans, dwarfs, night elves and gnomes who are rogues, I hate them. A bunch of cowards they are! Attacking from behind and always hides amongst the shadows in order to find the perfect time (often when you are tired after a battle) to strike you down. Cowards! It would be better to be attacked by a warrior or a hunter because at least they are a proud bunch. What is so honourable with being a thief?

I've been in the badlands in order to find some new, somewhat easier jobs to do. I need the money and I need the experience of battle. Killing rock elementals is actually fun to do since they always seem to attack with everything they got, but you still stand there and waiting for "the great blow". They seem weak. It helps killing them knowing that they are not human.

I've joined a group of people who calls themselves Gemini. I don't really know if it is a clan or just a simple group of people, but I've gotten new friends through here. Jeanshadow is one of them. She claims to be a warlock, and I believe her. I haven't really met her, but we have sent short letters to each other. She seems very nice! I hope that Gemini will bring me many happy moments in life.

Need to rest before fighting more of the rock elementals and those damn undead rogues.

Good Bye, see you in badlands!